Volunteer Database

A home for all your scattered info, finally organized.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Timecounts streamlines and automatically syncs your volunteer data.

It is challenging to find a robust CRM tool that is not only user-friendly but also effective and covers all the bases. It's quite honestly the most accessible tool I've used in my entire career. The database directory makes finding volunteers quick and painless, with multiple filter options, a smooth layout, and a simple navigation. Whether exporting or tweaking a group of users on the fly, Timecounts easily hits all the marks. I highly recommend it.
Scott Mitchell, Volunteer and Fundraising Coordinator
BGC Greater Saint John, New Brunswick

Custom Database Fields

Create and safely store customized information, such as a volunteer's emergency contacts, t-shirt size, and birthday, or keep track of individual preferences.


A lightweight way to group and organize volunteers in the directory.

Sort, search and filter

A powerful way to find the right volunteers is to use the filter options. Edit the columns in your directory to view exactly what you need.

Profile card

Zoom in on a specific volunteer to get a 360 view of their contact information, scheduled commitments and make private notes.

Document storage

Need to attach files to a volunteer profile? No problem.

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