Recruit and Onboard

Screen applicants and onboard new volunteers with ease.

Tailor recruitment flow, review and qualify applications, and monitor progress with the checklist.

Our organization has different opportunities across multiple locations and projects; Timecounts allows us to manage all of those while also giving our volunteers access to select their preferred shifts.
Alison Gerber, Development Director
Open Books, Chicago, Illinois

Drag and drop smart form builder

Create signup forms and attach forms to opportunities to ensure you always capture the data you need.

Set preferences for the new volunteer experience

Need to require that all volunteers first complete a form and background check? Or do you prefer to keep signups open to everyone? You are in the driver's seat for how you want your organization to flow.

Applications with Qualified status

Applications allow you to recruit for roles or projects and qualify volunteers so it restricts shifts to these individuals. It gives you a screening view so you can review and approve.

Checklist with expirations

It can be overwhelming to keep track of qualifications and requirements for volunteers. That's where the checklist comes in. Build your checklist and add optional expiration reminders.


Need to keep private notes during the recruitment or onboarding process to share with your team? Notes in the profile card are a great way to keep track of this.

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