Centralize volunteer communication with a team inbox.

Get the efficiency of bulk email sending and automation while keeping a personal touch.

Contacting all of my volunteers at one time through the communication tool allowed me to fill my last minute scheduling gaps in less than an hour every time. I wouldn’t have survived the Christmas season without Timecounts.
Becky Clement, Development and Volunteer Coordinator
The Salvation Army, Greenville, South Carolina

Email Templates

Create custom email templates, insert buttons, and create database fields for a personalized experience. Your organization's theme colour will be the brand name on your emails. Timecounts helps deliver fast responses and nurture volunteer relationships.

Create Segments

Prevent volunteer churn and annoyance by targeting your communication with the right people. With segments, you can narrow your message criteria by filtering by tag, qualification, saved search, and more.

Team Inbox

You no longer need to worry about losing track of a volunteer in an inbox. The shared team inbox now lets you delegate.

Custom Auto Emails

Custom auto messages are a great way to personalize communication without taking too much time. Create a custom invite, welcome message, confirmation, and reminder emails.

Dashboard with tasks ready and admin notifications

Mission control. Always know when you have new signups and when you log in what to work on first.

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