Here are some unique ways you can show your volunteers you value their contribution.

Plan a Social Event

Rewarding your volunteers with a picnic, dinner party, or a group outing to an event like a baseball game or a play are all fantastic ways to allow your volunteers to feel appreciated — and interact with each other. Social events are always an excellent way to get to know your volunteers as well as help everyone relax and enjoy themselves.

Have a Virtual Hangout

If you still live in an area with restrictions in place for gathering in person, or if your volunteers come from many different areas, you can host a virtual hangout! Arrange to play a fun online game, show a movie, or simply have a chat with a few icebreaker questions.

Give Them a Token of Your Thanks

If possible, you can reward your volunteers with tickets to a concert or a gift certificate to a local coffee shop or restaurant.

And remember that people love SWAG! So, if you have pens, notebooks, coffee cups, or shirts, put a small package together and hand it out to your volunteers. Even home-baked treats from someone in your organization can make a nice volunteer recognition gift.

Offer Further Education

Rewarding your volunteers with something educational is a tailored way to help your volunteers gain more knowledge and make them feel appreciated!

Providing an online class for a group of volunteers, helping them get credit towards a college class, or something to help them boost their educational goals not only benefits them personally and professionally, but they’ll likely be able to use their new knowledge towards volunteering for your organization in future.

Profile Them on Your Website

If you can, start a volunteer appreciation page on your website to post pictures and short bios of your volunteers. It’s a simple yet terrific way to let your volunteers know how much you appreciate them.

You could even have a small friendly competition to win “Volunteer of the Month” contests every month to further inspire your volunteers to go above and beyond.

Give a Reference or Recommendation

Providing a reference letter can mean a lot to volunteers. Putting in writing the specific ways the volunteer contributed to your organization or cause is a nice way of acknowledging how much they’re appreciated, and it’ll help them with future opportunities.

Write Them “Thank You” Notes

Writing a heartfelt “thank you” note to each of your volunteers can go a long way to make them feel appreciated. If your organization doesn’t have the funds for gifts your volunteers will appreciate the fact that you made an effort to do something nice.

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